About Hannah du Plessis

The shape of an instrument informs its sound. The shape of Hannah’s work was forged in South Africa under the oppressive political system of apartheid. For the last three decades she has pursued the question: “what does it take to create a life-affirming world?” She has done so as community leader, design professional, researcher, facilitator, professor, improviser and artist.

Dealing with Fear in the creative journey

It's not force that shifts the world into a better state, it's our collective creative endeavors. Yet, accessing your innate creativity can be a difficult thing. This blog-post provide three tips that will help move towards more creative confidence.

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Learn to communicate better through theatre

We get better at communication as we practice new skills. Join me for a workshop on that will help you show up and speak up with more confidence and clarity. Sunday, August 28, at the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival.

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Getting still: why it’s difficult and why it’s possible

Getting still is important when one wants to listen for the next true step. For some, it can also be terrifically difficult, Learn more about how one can access inner stillness.

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Syllabus: Social Design Fundamentals

We have been immersed in design's shift from creating better products or services towards shifting social patterns. This semester we are teaching a short course at CMU called "Foundations of Practice for Social Innovation and Transition." Every time we teach, the story gets clearer and the important points deepen. We hope you enjoy browsing through our new syllabus! Let us know what you think. We are [...]

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White Guilt Workshop

So here we are, white people waking up the irreparable damage we have done by participating in systems we once perceived as harmless. This necessary awakening hurts -- it burns inside our bellies in shameful hues. It clouds our interaction with people of color, it ignites bitter judgement towards our white tribe. Let’s work with it!

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Judgment & guilt: becoming aware of my stories

Matt black metal bars with snake-tongue tips gird the fancy shopping mall. The fence keeps unwanted elements of society out of the polished travertine interiors. On the other side of the fence two black milk crates sit on the dusty side walk. One is covered with a taped-together cardboard box onto which a greying blind man has lowered himself. His [...]

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Frontier Retreat 2015

We are now planning for Frontier Retreat 2017! Read about it here, and fill out the registration form to reserve your spot. As our world changes, we feel the turning of times tugging at the certainty and comfort of the known. Sometimes it is necessary to look up from your to-do list and step onto the ledge of uncertainty. For this, [...]

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Finding the life under my work

I want to write. Write something nourishing and life-giving. I’m on draft number seven and it is absolutely bland and tasteless. As if I used plaster of Paris instead of flour to bake my bread. Lynda Berry describes writer’s block as that sticky moment when you show up to play, and the world with which you want to play is [...]

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