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Marc’s career spans 35 years in business, design, education and technology. His work as designer, researcher, and educator has put him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions. He is a founding faculty member of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice at the Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Design. Marc’s interests include cultural immersion, language, cooking and photography.

A few seats left for Advance Retreat

Join us in Palm Springs for a "Studio Retreat" -- a gathering of leaders who will pool their expertise and advance their own efforts to foster design culture in their organizations. (And by "leader," we don't mean people who have fancy job titles or decades of experience. We mean people who are working to shift day-to-day patterns toward something better.) [...]

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How to foster design culture: expand your conversational toolkit

If your palette of culture-shifting tools is limited to meetings, presentations, mandate, persuasion, and technology, it’s no wonder that culture-shifting seems impossible. What tools for conversational leadership are in your kit? Marc Rettig scans the "communication continuum" and offers a chance to expand your toolkit.

Advance Retreat #1: The Culture Question

We're partnering with Rosenfeld Media to produce the first Advance Retreat, February 11-12, in Palm Springs, California. We are gathering no more than 50 design leaders to work together on this critical question: "How can we foster an effective, open, enduring culture of design in our organizations?" Want to know how we'll tackle it, and if it's for you? Read on.

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Oct 19 Lecture: CMU Design the Future series

Free presentation at Carnegie Mellon. Using stories from years of study, teaching, and consulting in the trenches of social complexity, Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis will illustrate approaches to work that engage the realities of systemic complexity and the deeply personal aspects of change.

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Gallery: Frontier Retreat 2015

Frontier Retreat | Summer 2015 | Chouteau County, Montana These are just a few of the moments from our time together with people who are exploring toward the edge of their personal and professional horizons. You can read a summary of our activities in this blog post. 

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