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Marc’s career spans 35 years in business, design, education and technology. His work as designer, researcher, and educator has put him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions. He is a founding faculty member of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Practice at the Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Design. Marc’s interests include cultural immersion, language, cooking and photography.

Whyte on Rilke’s “The Swan”

I return now and then to David Whyte's helpful discussion of Rilke's poem, The Swan. Both the poem and Whyte's commentary come close to the heart of this time of creative reflection and exploration we are having this Summer.

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Rettig keynote at UX Advantage

I will be in Baltimore this August, to present a keynote at the UX Advantage conference. My talk will mix recent insights into ways organizations are fostering design culture with a process view of organizations and a living systems view of change. I'd be happy to see you there!

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Machado: There is no path

Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking. Traveller, the path is your tracks And nothing more. Traveller, there is no path; The path is made by walking. By walking you make a path And turning, you look back At a way you will never tread again. Traveller, there is no road, Only wakes in the sea. [...]

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