Hannah to speak at TEDx Pittsburgh

Fit Principal Hannah du Plessis will give a short TEDx talk on ... well she is working on it. But we can promise that it will be short, sweet and illustrated!

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Learn to communicate better through theatre

We get better at communication as we practice new skills. Join me for a workshop on that will help you show up and speak up with more confidence and clarity. Sunday, August 28, at the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival.

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Methods of Reflection: The Interview

VIdeo of a 30-minute conversation between Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis of Fit Associates, and Joe Kappes of Cooper, following up on our two-part article about "the creative pause" as an antidote to analysis paralysis and diagram hypnosis.

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Leadership development in Tokyo

Both Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis will be featured presenters at Sociomedia's upcoming UX Strategy Forum in Tokyo on May 27. The theme is Leadership Development, and many of those attending will be people who are working to develop design capacity and customer-centric cultures in large organizations. These challenges are particularly ripe for the "social design" approaches we have been [...]

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Rettig @ UX London: Cultures of Creativity and the Tools of Dialogue

Fit Principal Marc Rettig will be a featured presenter at UX London this coming May. European friends, we hope to see you there! Marc will give a talk and conduct a workshop. Talk: A frontier for designers -- cultures of creativity This talk will be an update of Marc's popular keynote at last year's UX Advantage conference, available on the web as an [...]

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Rettig @ UXii: Deeper Organizational Listening

Marc Rettig will be conducting a full-day workshop and giving a plenary presentation at the upcoming UX Immersion: Interaction conference, April 18-20 in San Diego. Workshop: Adventurous User Research Techniques for Uncovering Deeper Insights You can read the full description here. In brief, this workshop brings some of the methods of "social design" to the commercial designers and researchers at this conference. How [...]

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Syllabus: Social Design Fundamentals

We have been immersed in design's shift from creating better products or services towards shifting social patterns. This semester we are teaching a short course at CMU called "Foundations of Practice for Social Innovation and Transition." Every time we teach, the story gets clearer and the important points deepen. We hope you enjoy browsing through our new syllabus! Let us know what you think. We are [...]

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White Guilt Workshop

So here we are, white people waking up the irreparable damage we have done by participating in systems we once perceived as harmless. This necessary awakening hurts -- it burns inside our bellies in shameful hues. It clouds our interaction with people of color, it ignites bitter judgement towards our white tribe. Let’s work with it!

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A few seats left for Advance Retreat

Join us in Palm Springs for a "Studio Retreat" -- a gathering of leaders who will pool their expertise and advance their own efforts to foster design culture in their organizations. (And by "leader," we don't mean people who have fancy job titles or decades of experience. We mean people who are working to shift day-to-day patterns toward something better.) [...]

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Are you someone who is working toward making a difference in the world? Are you interested in learning ways to show up in grounded strength and speak up in honesty? If yes, this improv based workshop is for you.

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