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Gallery: Frontier Retreat 2016

Frontier Retreat | Summer 2016 | Chouteau County, Montana Our second Frontier Retreat was a rare and thorough experience for everyone involved. These few photos give some feel for activities. Interested in joining us? Here are the details for the 2017 retreat. And to learn a little more, you can read a summary of the 2015 retreat activities in this blog [...]

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Podcast Series: Fundamentals of Social Innovation

We are very happy to be collaborating with Burgert Kirsten and his Liminal Podcast, to produce a series of interviews about the work of shifting social patterns in communities and organizations. You can find the details and stream all the episodes here. Session 1: The Great Turning Session 2: Social complexity and human depth -- the materials of social innovation Session 3: Approaches to [...]

Methods of Reflection: The Interview

VIdeo of a 30-minute conversation between Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis of Fit Associates, and Joe Kappes of Cooper, following up on our two-part article about "the creative pause" as an antidote to analysis paralysis and diagram hypnosis.

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Getting still: why it’s difficult and why it’s possible

Getting still is important when one wants to listen for the next true step. For some, it can also be terrifically difficult, Learn more about how one can access inner stillness.

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The pause that gives insight

Part 1 of an article in Cooper Journal: "We notice two common patterns among our students, clients, and workshop participants: diagram hypnosis—mistaking the map for the territory, and analysis paralysis—becoming overwhelmed and blinded by complexity."

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Gallery: Frontier Retreat 2015

Frontier Retreat | Summer 2015 | Chouteau County, Montana These are just a few of the moments from our time together with people who are exploring toward the edge of their personal and professional horizons. You can read a summary of our activities in this blog post. 

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Frontier Retreat 2015

We are now planning for Frontier Retreat 2017! Read about it here, and fill out the registration form to reserve your spot. As our world changes, we feel the turning of times tugging at the certainty and comfort of the known. Sometimes it is necessary to look up from your to-do list and step onto the ledge of uncertainty. For this, [...]

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