Working in systems

Podcast Series: Fundamentals of Social Innovation

We are very happy to be collaborating with Burgert Kirsten and his Liminal Podcast, to produce a series of interviews about the work of shifting social patterns in communities and organizations. You can find the details and stream all the episodes here. Session 1: The Great Turning Session 2: Social complexity and human depth -- the materials of social innovation Session 3: Approaches to [...]

Experiencing emergence with The Systems Game

In her book, Coming Back to Life,  Joanna Macy described a way for people to have "a direct experience of the dynamic nature of open systems." Since that is a key idea in our Social Design Foundations class in the Carnegie Mellon School of Design, we played Macy's "Systems Game" to explore ideas of complex social systems. Here's what happened.   Debriefing: [...]

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