Dealing with Fear in the creative journey

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –  Howard Thurman

If you would like to move towards more creative expression and confidence, Fit Principal Hannah du Plessis wrote a blog post on Roz Duffy‘s blog Fear of Creativity. Here is what you can expect to learn more about in the post:

  • The difficulty of censoring ourselves and accessing our creativity
  • Things to do to help you make more work and make it visible
  • People to learn from so your inner-life becomes more practical
  • The importance of creating a life that sustains creative engagement

Here is an excerpt from the blog:
“When you and your work have been publicly criticized, repeatedly, it can be terrifically difficult to learn to be vulnerable again and to trust that you will be respected for who you are…. It is an act of courage to bring your tender self into conversation with the world. I know that I am being courageous when I am doing what I love despite the pounding fear inside my chest. As I continue, fear doesn’t go away, but my relationship to fear changes as I become more accepting of it.”

Read more here and peruse the site to learn what other artists share about their struggles and process.

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About the Author:

The shape of an instrument informs its sound. The shape of Hannah’s work was forged in South Africa under the oppressive political system of apartheid. For the last three decades she has pursued the question: “what does it take to create a life-affirming world?” She has done so as community leader, design professional, researcher, facilitator, professor, improviser and artist.

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