Register for a day of learning by doing, October 1, Pittsburgh

We are hugely pleased to be conducting a one-day workshop as part of the upcoming Midwest UX Conference in Pittsburgh this coming October 1.

Here is a blog post that describes the workshop in detail.  

This workshop is based on our experience working with people in many kinds of companies, organizations and communities who are not only trying to improve results, but the culture and conversations from which those results are born.

We are going to learn about and experience three kinds of social tools.

1. Group methods: Listening to the whole room at once
2. Theatre methods: getting to the bottom of stuck situations
3. Art-based methods: getting to the essence, seeing the big picture

If you’re interested, you need to know that attendance is limited to 50 people. At the time I am writing this, there are still 15-20 seats available.

Here is where you can register for the workshop (click the big blue-green “register” button at the top right of the page).

We hope to see you there!