Organizations as processes, design as something that emerges from culture

Jared Spool and Karen McGrane have created a new conference with an interesting format, called UX Advantage. I’ll be there to give a keynote talk.


Update: an updated version of this talk is available as an article on,
and audio of the talk is available on SoundCloud.


The question of the conference is this:
What does it take to create a culture of design? How does putting customer experience first change the way organizations work?

Most of the sessions will be on-stage interviews and conversations with design executives, rather than the usual gathering of “experts” and consultants.

My talk will invite people to consider a living process view of organizations and a cultural view of design. With those ideas as foundations, I’ll tell stories from Fit’s practice and from recent interviews with design leaders in large companies, offering practical ways to nurture a culture of design.

The description from the conference site:

Creating a culture of design is a special case of “organizational becoming,” touching teams, processes, and the delicate and difficult areas of culture and identity. Few of us feel equipped for such work. But “social technologies” are appearing to help us manage cultural emergence.

Weaving theories of change with the nitty-gritty of daily life, Marc will use stories from organizations large and small to describe the ways and wisdoms of becoming an organization that embraces design.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit while Marc is in Baltimore.