Fit Principal Marc Rettig will be a featured presenter at UX London this coming May. European friends, we hope to see you there!

Marc will give a talk and conduct a workshop.

Talk: A frontier for designers — cultures of creativity

This talk will be an update of Marc’s popular keynote at last year’s UX Advantage conference, available on the web as an article entitled, Culture Work

It’s one thing to hire more designers, but how do we put in place the conditions necessary for the design process to come to life in our teams and organizations? It’s one thing to be a good designer, but how do we equip ourselves to affect the way our organization sees and conducts its work? Do we need design-driven organisations, or profoundly creative organisations? What’s the difference? To shed light on these questions and invite you to consider how they relate to your work and your career, Marc Rettig will draw on current efforts in large companies, trends in social innovation and leadership, and return to an old and profoundly deep view of the creative process.

Workshop: Dialogue facilitation: a tool for research and team impact

Design and design research efforts are effective to the extent that they impact the organization. We could say that the work of design is conversational: the quality of the result is dependent on the quality of the conversation we moderate between our organisational and the people for whom we create. Have the same old conversation with customers, have the same old conversation between your team and the rest of your organisation – get the same old results.

Too often, a team’s conversational arsenal is limited to enthusiastic vision, heartfelt persuasion, or plain old argument. This workshop is based on the premise that UX and design professionals can increase their effectiveness by expanding their kit of communication tools beyond observation and interviews, beyond meetings and presentations, advocacy, and persuasion. Let’s increase our portfolio of tools for fostering good conversation.

Happily, the world is providing us with a rich selection of additional tools. In this workshop, we will experience a few of them, and survey the larger landscape of organizational dialogue.

Activities and topics include:

  • Collective story harvesting
  • The Pause for Reflection
  • A brief introduction to dialogue theory, with stories of corporate use
  • The “continuum of communication” – a design framework for influence and advocacy
  • Situation modeling