Marc Rettig will be conducting a full-day workshop and giving a plenary presentation at the upcoming UX Immersion: Interaction conference, April 18-20 in San Diego.

Workshop: Adventurous User Research Techniques for Uncovering Deeper Insights

You can read the full description here. In brief, this workshop brings some of the methods of “social design” to the commercial designers and researchers at this conference.

  • How can a large group listen to what the whole group is thinking? We’ll test-drive the “World Cafe” method for doing so.
  • How can a group make sense of a number of stories, all at the same time? We’ll learn about “Collective Story Harvest” as a tool for listening to people from outside the organization, and as a tool for people from across the organization to listen to each other.
  • How can we listen to our intuitive, pattern-detecting, connection-noticing side? We’ll try a method we have been calling “situation modeling.”

Talk: Change the Story, Change the Conversation, Change the Result


In Marc’s talk, he’ll work with the insight that organizational culture — and the processes, judgments, decisions and collaborations that produce an organization’s results — are mostly made of conversation. Using project stories and course material, he’ll explore how taking a conversational view of research, design, culture, and leadership can change the way we work.