From designing buildings to facilitating transformation

From designing buildings to facilitating transformation 2017-06-28T18:44:07+00:00

Project Description


How can we create when our materials are social?

Fit principal Hannah du Plessis gave this presentation at four different venues during her recent visit to South Africa, with rave reviews. It uses the story of her personal shift from a career in interior architecture to the work of team, organizational, and community transformation to tell the larger story of a frontier for design. You can download the PDF (8 meg), or flip through it on Slideshare here:

Here is the abstract:
We have an established practice when it comes to designing things. But what does design look like when applied to the messy complexity of human communities? Hannah du Plessis — Fit Associates principal and lecturer in the MFA in Design for Social Innovation program at SVA in New York City — is part of this emerging field. This talk is about the shift from designing when your material is physical to when your material is social. It looks at three scales – community, team and individual. 

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