How do we work?

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In this first in a series of articles, Marc Rettig describes incidents and perspectives that led to stepping back from his career to begin looking for new ways of working.

Gap #1: Relationship and human depth are key to understanding situations and producing lasting results, but we aren’t good at working with them.</strong>

Gap #2: Many of our challenges are systemic, but our methods are honed to produce “solutions.” We need new practices for intentionally shifting the patterns of complex social situations.

These two gaps — blindness to the fullness of human depth, and lack of good ways to create with social complexity — are causing damage:
They limit our progress toward thriving societies.
They impair our ability to create and maintain thriving organizational cultures.
They decrease our ability to make products that matter.
They prevent us from creating with a systemic view and a long horizon.
They cause us to minimize or turn away from systemic challenges.
And they feed our belief that social challenges are beyond our reach.

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