Improv: a tool for designing in uncertainty

Improv: a tool for designing in uncertainty 2017-06-28T18:44:06+00:00

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Fit Associates principal Hannah du Plessis recently gave a talk at a gathering of UX Pittsburgh, to enthusiastic response and requests for her to turn her talk into an article. Here it is as a post on Medium.

“Improv is teaching me to reframe failure. In the moment when ‘that thing happens,’ I have a choice. I can see it as failure and try to ignore it, or I can see all error as architecture.”

“In my role as a design expert I feel a pang of shame when I don’t know something. As an expert I task myself to be the reliable and stable source of knowledge and direction. I am so used to figuring things out, to planning things so that I ‘know.’ But I’m learning something different here. I’m learning that there is no shame in not knowing, because what we are creating is beyond the individual knowledge of any single person. My job, as Rilke puts it, is to ‘have patience with the unresolved and love the question.’ It’s less about figuring things out or inventing cool ideas, and all about paying attention, surrendering to what is and trusting the process to help me discover the next step, and then the next, and then the next.”

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